District Cleaners Equipment is proud to be the Mid-Atlantic distributor for PONY-USA, manufacturers of fine pressing and finishing equipment headquartered in Milan, Italy.

As a distributor for PONY USA, we look forward to hearing from you and the opportunity to share our excitement over the PONY line. Our customers deserve the best and, with PONY USA, you get the best!

We know that, as US distributors for PONY line, we have found a manufacturer who holds to the highest standards for engineering and manufacturing while producing affordably priced equipment. As distributors for PONY USA, we are equally committed to providing the American market the same high standard of service and support as they do in Italy.  Our main goal is to establish a network of distributors across the country that will meet these US standards, and help us provide customers with the best service and equipment available.

We are confident that once customers across the country experience the extraordinary quality of PONY equipment, they will agree that American cleaners, laundries, and the garment industry have a great new set of tools to efficiently produce the highest quality finishing.

We have an operating show room of PONY – USA pressing and finishing equipment at our Washington, DC warehouse. 

Please call 202-723-7616  to set up  a demonstration for your team!!


Frank Emanuele , Jr

Executive Equipment Specialist/ Sales

Larry Langton

Executive Equipment Specialist/ Sales

Andrew Goldberg

Office Manager