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We offer our customers the highest level of expertise in service and installation of Drycleaning and Laundry Equipment.  Our team has designed, installed and serviced drycleaning and laundry plants throughout Washington, DC, Maryland, Virginia and Delaware.

Frank Emanuele
Frank Emanuele, Jr

President/Owner and Head Technician

Larry Langton
Larry Langton

President/Owner and Head Technician

Andy Goldberg
Andy Goldberg

Office Manager/ Sales

Josh Mathias
Josh Mathias


District Cleaners Equipment, Inc.

District Cleaners Equipment History

District Cleaners Equipment, DCE, has deep roots in the dry cleaning industry. The company was founded in 1982, after generations of family in the dry cleaning and laundry business.  Starting with the shops of Nicholas Corvelli, several of his children, including Angelina and Vince worked hard in their parent’s store.  In 1951, Angelina met a young veteran named Frank Emanuele Sr. and fell in love. After they were married, Frank began working in the industry and started District Laundry Cleaner Supply, Inc.  With one truck loaded with cleaners supplies and hangers, District Laundry Cleaner Supply built a fine reputation in the Washington DC/ Baltimore marketplace.  Angelina and Frank had 5 children, most of whom have worked in the family business at some point in their lives.  His son, Frank Jr. and Larry Langton ( the husband of Susan Emanuele ) are the founders and presidents of DCE.  They now focus primarily on equipment, installation, service and store design and personally supervise every job as the head technicians. The company has changed and grown over the years, now supplying equipment to the military, government, spas, salons, healthcare, fine hotels, hospitality, fire and restoration, and sports teams, while still adhering to the basic principles established by their family: Quality and Service.

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District Cleaners Equipment
4424 Arkansas Ave., N.W.
Washington, DC 20011

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